Hijacked .htaccess

Post: 31 August 2012 by kriss in: Security Print

If you ever discovered hijacked .htaccess files on your Apache server hosting open-source CMS such as Joomla! and WordPress, you are definitely not alone.

Htmlys is now available

Post: 21 May 2012 by kriss Print

Htmlys is a free extension for PHP and Python that can parse HTML documents. Because it is compiled directly into binary code and interfaced through PHP or Python classes and functions, the tool offers great speed and efficiency and can be used easily from any PHP or Python script.

Cool HTML5 elements

Post: 19 August 2011 by kriss in: Web development Print

More than just controls, HTML5 has also introduced some cool elements to enrich your documents. Today we are going to check how the browsers can handle the meter and progress elements.