GPMID is a free software that supports Guitar Pro files. It can retrieve various information from tablatures and can notably convert them to MIDI streams, making them easy to listen with a media player.

Supporting both Windows and Linux, the tool presents itself as a dynamic-link library and developers can easily integrate it into their applications. Please consult the related documentation if you are interested.

Please note that GPMID is under development and may not work properly with some tablatures, especially those created using the latest versions of Guitar Pro. However, we will try to improve the support of these files with each new version of the software.

Want to see the tool running? Try GabPlayer 2, a free alternative media player (for Windows, in French) that uses GPMID to play Guitar Pro files.

The development of this project has been suspended for an unknown duration, but you can still download any version released so far.

Download GPMID.

Top features

  • Free

    Enjoy using GPMID without spending any money.

  • Integratable

    Integrate the component to your own applications and quickly extend their features.

  • Multi-platform

    Benefit from a common interface whatever the operating system you are using.

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