GPMID_Load function


Loads a Guitar Pro tablature.



  1. GPMID_ENTRY int GPMID_Load(
  2. const char* aFileName
  3. );


  1. aFileName

    Pointer to the file name of the tablature to load.

Return value

Zero on failure, non-zero otherwise.


When the tablature is not needed anymore, use GPMID_Unload to unload it and free the resources it uses.

Since only one tablature can be loaded at any time, to load several tablatures, you have to call successively GPMID_Load and GPMID_Unload for each tablature.

The function fails if an I/O error or a memory error occurs, if a tablature is already loaded, or if the tablature is not a Guitar Pro tablature. Only Guitar Pro 4 tablatures are currently supported.