Download Htmlys


For now, Htmlys is available only for Linux systems running on i686 or amd64 CPUs. If you use a regular PC or a recent Macintosh, this is probably what you have.

To run the extension, your system should match the following configuration:

  • i686 or amd64 architecture
  • Linux operating system*
  • GNU C and C++ library
  • PHP 5** (for the PHP binding)
  • CPython 3.2*** (for the Python binding) *

Your operating system should support the target architecture. For example, if you run Linux i686, even on an amd64 CPU, you cannot use the amd64 version. Also, if you run a 64-bit operating system, we do not recommend the use of the i686 version, despite the fact that your operating system probably has support for running legacy 32-bit software. For best compatibility and efficiency, please use the version that is native to your operating system.

**For the PHP binding, your version of PHP 5 has to be one that has been released after June 26, 2009, date on which the PHP API has been updated (previous versions are not supported). To our knowledge, if you are using PHP 5.3 or higher, your are matching this requirement.

***For the Python Binding, your version of CPython 3.2 should be a UCS4 version of Python. If you did not compile CPython yourself but are using a recent Linux distribution, this is probably already your case. You can find more details in the Python documentation.


Download now (PHP binding for i686)
Download now (PHP binding for amd64)
Download now (Python binding for amd64)