GPMID_GetMidiChannel function


Given a port and a channel, retrieves the corresponding MIDI information for the tablature which is currently loaded.



  1. GPMID_ENTRY GPMidiChannel GPMID_GetMidiChannel(
  2. unsigned int aPort,
  3. unsigned int aChannel
  4. );


  1. aPort

    The port to retrieve.

  2. aChannel

    The channel to retrieve.

Return value

MIDI information.


Before using this function, GPMID must have been initialized with GPMID_Init and a tablature must have been successfully loaded with GPMID_Load.

There are 4 ports and 16 channels so this function can be called with a port ranging from 0 to 3 and a channel ranging from 0 to 15. Use GPMID_GetTrackMidiPort and GPMID_GetTrackMidiChannel to retrieve port and channel associated to a track.